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Inspired by Anna Meredith’s brassy track Nautilus and the desire to create an ambitious work with a large cast, Tremble  was created with 26 dancers from Scottish Ballet. Filmed at FilmCity in Glasgow and made in partnership with Hopscotch Films, it was commissioned as part of Scottish Ballet’s award-winning Digital Season 2019


'Tremble' won the 2020 Audience Award at Choreoscope Film Festival and Dance@30FPS USA, and was named winner of Best Short Form at the BBC’s prestigious Celtic Media Festival 2020. It is now available to watch for free on Marquee TV

‘We wanted to find a way to match the endless drive in Anna Meredith’s 

score with bodies on screen to create something large scale and ambitious.

We assigned the camera its own personality, giving it agency to be a player in the action.’

Jess and Morgs

Direction and Choreography Jessica Wright and Morgann Runacre-Temple

Director of Photography Matthias Pilz

Editor Arttu Salmi

Music Anna Meredith

Scottish Ballet dancers on set for Tremb

'Comic surrealism and offbeat invention.
Involving frenetically dancing waiters, red jelly and a thrillerish edge, it’s cleverly filmed – the camera is almost a character itself.'
The guardian

Scottish Ballet dancers on set for Tremb

'The wonderfully surreal Tremble, set in a vast dining room filled with 26 dancers, is propelled by an infectious energy (and jelly)'

The Scotsman 

AUDIENCE AWARD at Dance@30FPS 2019

AUDIENCE AWARD at the Choreoscope Film Fest 2019 (Barcelona)

BEST DANCE FILM at the New Renaissance Film Fest 2020

BEST SHORT FORM at the Celtic Media Festival 2020

BEST MINI at Portland Dance Film Festival 2020

for DIRECTING at Underwire Film Fest 2019

IMZ Dancescreen 2019

San Francisco Dance Film Fest 2019

Bucharest Film Awards 2019

In Motion / Kri Foundation 2019

Cinedans Film Festival 2019

Edinburgh Short Film Fest 2019

Leeds Int. Film Fest 2019

Edinburgh Independent Film Fest 2019

Kinetoscope: Int. Screendance FF 2019

DC Independent Film Fest 2019

Flatpack Festival 2020

Bucharest Int. Dance Film Festival 2020

Fifth Film Festival 2020